You've been on a health journey for a while now... but you don’t feel as great as you want to feel. 

You feel like food has a hold over you. You’re constantly thinking about what you can and can’t eat, what foods are ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ And when you allow yourself a “treat,” you feel totally out of control. (Me? I used to inhale a whole jar of almond butter in a single sitting.)  

You’re frustrated with persistent low energy … even though you follow a “perfect” diet.  

You’re kind of over all the juice cleanses, detoxes, and health resets. You’re ready to stop laying out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for juices, cleanses, pills, powders, and potions that promise the glowing health you long for....but don’t deliver.  

You’re tired of hearing conflicting advice and not knowing what to believe. Drink skim milk and eat margarine. No, drink whole milk and eat full-fat butter. (I call this food confusion.)  

Your diet is so specific that you feel uncomfortable eating out or accepting invitations to dinner at other people’s houses.  

Even though you try not to, you’re constantly comparing yourself to other women and punishing yourself with emotional eating, restriction, or over-exercising.  

You’re fed up. And you’re ready for Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode.

Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode: noun the version of YOU that has way more pressing things to do with her life than agonize over her body and the foods she eats. She is on a mission to live her fullest life, and this means being the most resplendent light she can be; empowered and confident, she flows through life with purpose and JOY.

Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode is a 10-week course for women who are ready to ditch guilt and regret, step into a gorgeous relationship with food and body, and create lasting change in their lives.

You will learn to move past the voices of shame and self-loathing, stop falling into the comparison trap, and leave behind food confusion for good.  

In the process of releasing such tight control over food, you’ll have the opportunity to meet a new version of yourself. Here’s what I know about her: she is fabulous and brave and ready to change the world. And as you learn to spend less time and energy on food and exercise, you will begin to unfurl into this beautiful new YOU.  

You’ll lose the words “good” and “bad” when talking about food.  

You’ll learn to listen to your own body and eat what YOU want to eat. That will probably include eating food that other people might consider “bad.”  

You’ll learn to keep happiness at the heart of healthfulness.  

Ten Steps to Unleashing Your Glowing Goddess Guru Beast:

Start Where You Are You know that things don’t happen TO you, and you’ve let expectations go, especially expectations around what “health” is. You learn that things don’t happen TO you. You begin to unpack and release expectations around what “health” is. You release the expectation that you will someday find a diet that will work for you.

Commit Yo'Self Shift habits that have become obstacles blocking you from uncovering your inner Glowing Goddess Guru Beast. There’s a new way. A better way. A more joyful way. And you are daily committed to uncovering it. 

Wild Abandon Challenge food beliefs, exercise beliefs, and truths you’ve come to believe about yourself and the world that maybe aren’t actually true. You will move past feeling wracked by food confusion, and you'll learn HOW to abandon controlling diets and instead trust in your body.

 Double Down Undertake a fearless exploration of the self through the lens of health to identify and break unhelpful patterns.

Dig Deep Develop a reframed perspective and definition of health. Write a new story for yourself based around what you want

Makeover Montage Revamp your kitchen, plate, and daily routine, releasing the old to make way for the new. Step into true experimentation, which may include: blood work/allergy testing, adding in more plant-based foods, trying new forms of movement, buying new groceries, trying new recipes, and more. Be open to exploration! 

UnPerfect Yourself Learn to drop frustration with your body and release fear of being around certain foods. Gain the tools to stop feeling like a failure when it comes to your weight and what you eat.

The Training Wheels Come Off Develop your own, individual dietary theory (the foods that work for you). At this point, you are truly an expert on YOU. You'll feel confident when out to eat, at the grocery store, at parties, and traveling. You'll know what foods will make you feel good and experience absolutely no guilt or shame around food, exercise, or your body. 

Beast Mode Explore what your life will look like when you're no longer priorizing food concerns and body shame. Become a high achiever when it comes to food and your body. 

Go, Goddess, Go Your transformation and subsequent appetite for life give others the permission to do the very same. You are able to share health and wellness, not from a soapbox or from a “holier than thou” place, but simply because you are so fully YOU… you give others permission to be fully THEM. 

a nourishing revolution of yoga, food, and soul.

Here's everything you get when you invest in Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode

10 Live Workshops... ...where I (and a few guest experts) will teach you each of the ten steps + the Embodied Glowing Goddess framework and show you how to implement it all in your life.  

Food intolerance testing & learning the language of your body Actually learn to listen to your body (included is an Everlywell food intolerance test). Learn about hormones & cycles and how food, exercise, and lifestyle are clues, cues, and symptoms your body uses to communicate with you.  

5 group coaching calls & a private Facebook community... you can connect with, learn from, and be motivated by the other members of Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode. You’ll get past the food beliefs & mindset stuff that’s got you stuck and keep the momentum going in these coaching calls with Brittany and shared community with other women on the same path.  

Worksheets, recipes, and a resource library... ... (including a food confusion clearing knowledge base) that make it easy for you to take quick action.



Every week you'll have access to a live yoga practices with me which are focused not only on the physical practice, but also how the practice complements our current work in the program. Practices will be suitable for all levels and range from 10 minute quickies to full practices at 45 minutes, in styles ranging from Vinyasa flow to Yin to Hatha to Yoga Nidra.

Two Private Coaching Calls (Value: $350) 

Jump on these private coaching sessions with me, and you’ll get clear and simple guidance for your specific needs, where you're hung up, and what's got you stuck. You’ll leave these sessions with the clarity and confidence that comes from the support of a trustworthy confidante to tell all your "crazy" thoughts.


One Payment of $1500 Three Payments of $525


Goddess Me!!!

Flow from Fed Up to Well Fed and Access Your Best Self


"Brittany is the first ray of light in my life who taught me how to LOVE my relationship to food, my own process and journey, and my body as something to be celebrated and spark more scrumptious creativity in my everyday. She is someone who makes your own health revolution magical and meaningful in a way a diet never ever could for me. GLOWING GODDESS GURU BEAST MODE is for every woman who seeks liberation from society and self inflicted food/health shackles and stress so you can fully live your life and love yourself.“  


Doing this work with other people would open the compassion. Being able to see myself in somebody else, I wouldn't criticize them like I criticize myself through the process.  

On your own... you just shut yourself off. On my own I think I could just easily talk myself into some other diet. Some other rigid something. some other restricting something. I wouldn't have been able to do this on my own.  

Trust the process with someone who has been there. That's such a big deal. Brittany's not just some health nut that's been a health nut her whole life and is just telling everybody how they should go about things. I'm just so happy that I did this."  


“I stopped waiting for something good or bad to happen. I stopped waiting for something to happen to me. I’m feeling like I am a person who practices yoga and meditation—I was putting these expectations on myself of what it SHOULD look like; I stopped doing that, and… It’s so strange how my mind is different.”  


“Working through the steps and accessing my inner Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode is a way to focus on who I am and get out of my head and into life. Life is grounding and gorgeous and just out there waiting for us to play for the day, even if we do forget sometimes!”  



What is Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode?

Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode is a 10-week course for women who are ready ditch guilt and regret, step into a gorgeous relationship with food and body, and create lasting change in their lives. I’ll teach the course content live, and you’ll experience the course in a cohort of 10 other women. 

I've seen women make complete shifts in their thoughts around food and body in simply ten weeks. After years of shame and food confusion, just ten weeks can make the difference. You can shed pounds of mental and emotional weight and feel lighter and freer. It's not magic. It's not easy. It's you actively choosing, every day, to take what is offered and incorporate it into your life. 

Who is it for?  

I created this program for the you if: 

  • You know you’re meant for more, but feel stuck when it comes to health and your body. 
  • You’re successful in every other area of life, but are baffled and frustrated with unhappiness around food and your body.  
  • You’re okay talking about “women stuff.” I talk openly about my cycle and curate a space where we talk about the female experience FULLY.
  • You’re sick of endless food rules that leave you feeling wracked with guilt, like you can never eat out, or like you have to be perfect all the time to “succeed” at eating.
  • You’re curious and ready to unlock what true health is for YOU.
  • You feel like your obsession with food and your body are keeping you from progressing in other areas of your life 

What if I haven’t embarked on a health journey yet but want to?

Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode is the perfect place to start. In fact, this is a strategic and effective way to supercharge your health and create a solid foundation—and you won't have a lot of pre-existing beliefs to unlearn. You’ll be able to use the principles you learn in Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode for years to come.

How much time will it take me to work through the course each week? When do we start?  

I recommend that you commit 2-3 hours per week to work through the program and implement what you learn. Our live coaching sessions happen every other Thursday at 2pm EST.  

What’s the refund policy?  

I built every piece of Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode and have led others through the process with great success, so I have absolutely no doubt that it will knock your socks off and give you the support you need. AND, that’s why I’m so happy to stand behind it and want to make this a no-brainer for you. Just join the program, participate fully, and implement it, and if you don’t see results at the end of 90-days from when we start, I will refund your money. Simple and easy.  

About Brittany Lynn Kriger

Hi, I’m Brittany, and I spent YEARS (literal YEARS) frustrated with food and my body. I hated my body. I hated food. I loved food. I wanted nothing more than to feel “normal” with food. I didn’t feel even a little bit normal with food. I didn’t want to punish my body with exercise anymore. I wanted to love my body. Trust my body. BE my body.  

I’m an integrative health coach offering integrative nutrition, energy healing, and yoga science and application. The work I do is devoted to the power of a transformative, positive relationship with food and body. Through workshops, yoga, coaching, speaking, and now a book (hell yeah!), I’m passionate about helping women flow from Fed Up to Well Fed through a nourishing revolution of yoga, food, and soul. My specialty is helping women release shame and control and learn how to regulate their own bodies, keeping happiness at the heart of healthfulness.  

I’m a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher with training based in the lineage and teachings of Krishnamacharya. I studied with groundbreaking pioneers in the field of nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which is accredited by Columbia University’s Teachers College and by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I also have two bachelor's degrees in Fine Art—one in design (Louisiana State University) and the other in theatre (Southeast Missouri State University).  

Will you join me in this revolution?  

xo, Brittany Lynn Kriger