A HALF DAY RETREAT INTO HEALTH (whatever that means) 

FED UP: Ditch Food Frustration 


The Fed Up Retreat is a half-day intensive for women who want to know EXACTLY how they can ditch food confusion, emotional eating, and control re: dieting and their bodies... and then explore WHAT'S NEXT.

Tickets available through June 29th*


One of the greatest myths we've come to believe as women is that dieting is the solution to our body woes.

(by the way: juice cleanses and things like whole 30 are diets, too, even if we've been told by experts that they are "health.")  

You want to lose weight? I hear you.  

You find losing weight frustrating? You're not alone. 

You want to be able to eat the foods you love (pizza, wine, waffles, and burgers) without feeling paralyzed by shame, guilt, and analysis paralysis? I hear that.  

You, my dear, are FED UP with dieting and food confusion for good reason.  

You're successful and in control in every other area of your life, so why does food hold such power over you?  

This will be an intimate deep dive into your health and the things that have led you to feel FED UP with dieting and food confusion. You’ll be spending the entire day with me and a group of other women who are ready to release the noise, stop the madness, and be shown a better way.

In this workshop, I'll walk you through my 10 step framework that leads you from feeling extremely fed up (clothes not fitting, feeling too fat, feeling too skinny, emotional eating, cyclical dieting, being uncomfortable in your body, not having energy, etc) to well fed.  

Well Fed: noun The Goddess you become once you no longer spend hours agonizing over food, exercise, and your body.  

It’s time that we stop dieting and start living. 

It's time to release the need to be perfect. 

It’s time to do what makes you feel good and not what pleases others.  

By the end of this half-day retreat, you'll have taken several steps in my 10 Steps to Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode, and you'll understand WHY dieting doesn't work and what DOES. In fact, we’ll dip our toes into what's BEYOND Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode, too.

Forget dieting, juice cleanses, restriction, and punishing exercise.

Let’s bring JOY and DESIRE back to food.

I’ll be covering the three fundamental areas of health that actually tie to body positivity and dropping food frustration. This won’t be about how to shrink your waistline with a magic pill or how to drop pounds fast with one easy method. 

(You’ve tried that, remember? And it doesn’t work).

This will be clear direction on the core things you need to be spending your time on EVERY SINGLE DAY so you can shift toward unconscious ease with food, create lasting change, and NOT go back to old habits (i.e. calorie counting, portion control, cleanses, pills, powders, restriction, & deprivation)  

I’ve squeezed as much kale crushing goodness into this half-day as is humanly possible.

1:30 pm | Get Into Your Body We’ll start with an energizing yoga practice to familiarize yourself with how your body is feeling on the day we meet. Nervous? Maybe a little. Excited? Yeah, that too. New to yoga? No worries. I’ve got you covered with modifications and English along with Sanskrit. Yoga expert? Awesome. This practice is for every human body.  

3:00 pm | Sayonara, Food Confusion We’ll bust some common food myths, and I’ll introduce you to the Ten Steps to Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode. You’ll learn why food confusion isn’t the only thing standing in your way, and, once we’ve truly blown up the idea of dieting, we will rework your approach to food. You’ll build a basic, grounded framing of what nutrition means and invite in new theories.  

5:00 pm | Group Coaching and Dinner We’ll wrap our day with a planning session, so you’ve got every action step you need to take in a neat and organized plan that you will have already begun to execute before you leave. A vegan and gluten free dinner will be provided!!! YUM!


So much health advice is vague (“eat clean”) and aspirational (“body positivity/self care/listen to your body”), or it's just plain BAD, as in diet culture masquerading as "health." If you’re like me, you just want somebody to tell you What. To. Do. Next.  

Like, today, what should I be eating? This month, how should I be moving my body? When I give health advice, I get specific, I talk studies, stats, and use REAL words (not buzz words), and I share my own experiences. I walk you through exact strategies used by my most successful clients and I give you actual actionable advice based on your unique situation. 

So, who's hosting this shindig?

Hi, I’m Brittany Lynn Kriger, and I spent YEARS (literal YEARS) frustrated with food and my body. I hated my body. I hated food. I loved food. I wanted nothing more than to feel “normal” with food. I didn’t feel even a little bit normal with food. I didn’t want to punish my body with exercise anymore. I wanted to love my body. BE my body. Trust my body.

I’m not just another health coach. I’m specifically an anti-diet health coach, and over the past 5 years I’ve worked with research scientists, other health coaches, accountants, artists, teachers, actresses, chefs, and so many more. My specialty? Helping women release shame and control and learn how to regulate their own bodies, keeping happiness at the heart of healthfulness.  

In 2013, I founded The Soul Food Project, which is devoted to the power of a positive relationship with food and body. Through workshops, yoga, coaching, writing, and speaking, I am passionate about spreading the mantra: "Love the food you eat. Live the life you love. Ditch guilt and regret," and I am here to lead anyone who cares to join me in an anti-diet revolution of yoga, food, and soul (which is the path to a joyous and free relationship to food and body).  

I am a certified health and integrative nutrition coach specializing in women's hormone health as well as a Yoga Alliance registered yoga instructor. I studied with ground breaking pioneers in the field of nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which is accredited by Columbia University’s Teachers College and by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  

“Doing this work with other people would open the compassion. Being able to see myself in somebody else, I wouldn't criticize them like I criticize myself through the process.  

On your own... you just shut yourself off. On my own I think I could just easily talk myself into some other diet. Some other rigid something. some other restricting something. I wouldn't have been able to do this on my own.  

Trust the process with someone who has been there. That's such a big deal. Brittany's not just some health nut that's been a health nut her whole life and is just telling everybody how they should go about things. I'm just so happy that, that I did this." 


“I stopped waiting for something good or bad to happen. I stopped waiting for something to happen to me. I’m feeling like I am a person who practices yoga and meditation - I was putting these expectations on myself of what it SHOULD look like; I stopped doing that, and… It’s so strange how my mind is different.” 


Working through the steps and accessing my inner Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode is a way to focus on who I am and get out of my head and into life. Life is grounding and gorgeous and just out there waiting for us to play for the day, even if we do forget sometimes!” 



What exactly is this retreat? This is an half-day retreat, which means you don’t have to book a hotel or buy an expensive plane ticket. But, be prepared to be present and engaged for the entire half-day as though you WERE in Maui or Sri Lanka or somewhere far away from your obligations. This will an intimate day of connection, and we’ll be splitting into groups at certain points, so you’ll be getting specific feedback on your questions. There will be the option to eat dinner together with a vegan and gluten free meal.  

How much does it cost? Your ticket costs $175, which includes a Fed Up workbook and your meal, along with all the activities throughout the afternoon. (Purchase your ticket by June 15 and get a signed copy of Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Manifesto, as well as some other surprises!!! It’s really hard for me not to tell you what they are, but I love surprises and don’t want to spoil the fun).  

Who’s a good fit for this retreat? I’ve created this event for the woman who knows she is meant for more, but she feels stuck in her health and her body. She’s successful in every other area of her life, but she is baffled and frustrated with unhappiness around food and her body.  


  • is okay with talking about “women stuff.” I talk openly about my cycle and curate a space where we talk about the female experience FULLY.
  • has dieted and is sick of it or she feels like she should diet, but she just... doesn’t want to. 
  • is curious and wants to unlock what true health is for her.
  • is stuck in the food and body culture/speak/etc and feels like it’s keeping her from progressing in other areas of her life

Where's the party going down? We'll meet and spend the day at Yoga Path, a cozy studio space nestled in the heart of Mid City. You can bring your own yoga mat, if you have one, but the studio has plenty to spare and share. There will be a few breaks sprinkled throughout our day, and the neighborhood is perfect for a quick walk to process and absorb, should you like to take it.  

How much time could you free up for the things you really want if you weren’t constantly thinking about food and your body?

*dinner/workbook not guaranteed for tickets purchased after June 25th